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Our name is one of the greatest gifts we receive in life.


The magic of names is "that the complex, contradictory individuals we are can be called up complete
and whole in another mind through the simple sorcery of a name." (Charles de Lint) 


Give a gift that shows appreciation for who the person is.

Someone's name is "their life, their legacy, their journey, sacrifices, and everything they have worked hard for everyday of their life." (Christopher Jordan Dorner)  Our personalized scrollwork wooden name plaques make unique gifts. Your employees, boss, co-workers, friends, family or anyone special in your life will appreciate the thought of this customized gift.  It tells their story, who they are and how much they mean to you.  A matching wooden business card holder will give your gift that extra touch!

Browse our pages for more examples of personalized wooden name plates, custom wood business card holders.
Our unique wood items make great gifts for the office, friends and family. We'll level with you on all the details!



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